Monday, October 22, 2007

New Semester

New semester already start bout 3 weeks....tis sem is my 2nd final year sem n i will graduate my diploma soon....hahaha...but two of my course lecturers will leave us very soon..when i heard it i felt a little bit sad cuz they r really a nice teacher... wish my lecturers all the best in their future n happy always...lastly i hope tat i can complete tis sem with a good result...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy MoonCake Festival

today afternoon i had attended a lunch for the celebration of mooncake festival which organized by the Rejang Wang Clan Association... it is really special lunch for me because i sit at the VIP table...hahaha... i can sit there was because of my dad... for the VIP table is really nice..every dishes of food is served nicely by the waitress n the food not need take by urself then the waitress will distribute the food and put in front of all the VIP... it is so nice...hahaha.. lastly i would like to wish my frens happy mooncake festival n hv a nice days..hehe^^

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Holidays just started for few days... i spent my holidays by going for work at the pharmacy i work b4... although was three weeks holidays i hope i can spent my time usefully...tis few days kept on working felt a little bit tired...but i still enjoyed my holidays...hope tat when the final exam result come out i can get a good result...^^

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A peaceful sunday

dont know wat should i do is really a boring day....but stil in tiring mode...if study i also cant concentrate...suddenly got a question appeared in my mind...y so ppl always saying things without using they it they wan to show them r wiser??? really dont understand y they behave like tat... i really don like tis type of person...some just say something until it seems true although i know tat it is fake...

Friday, August 17, 2007

TiRinG Days

Already 1 week, i didnt post a blog... got a gal ask me to update for few times..hahaha..who saw it she will know who i'm mentioning....finally i update it...^^ so tis time when u see my blog u wont b disappointed...haha.. Tis week really a busy n tiring week for me...y i say so???cuz i hv the progress test, survey camp n the bbq party for my ce club...where should i start to write 1st..ermmm....just start from the night mare for tis week..
Wednesday,15 of aug...after i finish my progress test i need to go for a shopping...wat type of shopping??? is the shopping for buying the chicken wings n other things for the survey camp bbq n ce club bbq... i need to prepare the food for 41 person in the survey camp..huh.. tis is the 1st time i prepare so many food for so many person... fortunately, when i go for the shopping my frens accompany me if not sure i will not manage it well...hahaha.. after buying all the things already 6pm in the evening, but stil cant take a rest...cuz i need to season all the 20kg chicken wings, hot dog n the fish ball...i i though bout it i really wan to pengsan..hahaha...i need to prepare it hurry cuz the second days is my survey camp..when i finish preparing n cleaning all the things the time is bout 10pm...tats the end for tat day..
Thursday,16 of aug....i need to hv class b4 going for the survey tired...around 12 noon, i departed from school to the methodist centenial park(survey camp)..after having lunch at there we start to doing our field works...for my group i'm the leader..hehe..but not good a leader...under the hot sun doing the field work it is really killing me...during the field work, don know wat my group member r doing...they didnt concentrate doing it..some r smoking n hanging around..when i saw it it really a hateful feeling...cuz the marks for the field work will count in the final exam...some just simply do their works..haiz...really headache...just felt tat i'm doing the works...after finish around 6pm no much rest time for me...cuz i'm in change the bbq for the camp..i start to start the fire n all the things at 7pm...during the bbq session it is really fun...after the bbq finish, finally i can take a rest...after tat i start to calculate the field works we do in the afternoon...just only me is calculating n others r playing...damn...others really didnt care bout tis..ask them to do also dont know wat is happening..haiz...when i calculate it i found somethings wrong....many things they didnt do...the whole field work is totally failed...tat time i really disappointed n sad cuz we need to do it again in the next morning n we will back at 12 noon on friday..not much time leave...after i calculate all the things it already 1am in friday much time for slepping cuz need to wake up early in the morning...
Friday,17 of 7am we do the field work group got 9 members when do it just 7 is doing it n others dont know whr they r...when doing the field work one of my member fall into the pond...fortunately got ppl rescue him then i ask him go to a take a rest..then just left 6 persons r doing the field work...if u go thr u will know how big is the place n it is really surferwhen doing it..after finish it it already nearly 10 am then we take our breakfast n hv a 12 noon we hv a lunch then back to school....when i reach home it already around 3pm...after tat,5.30pm i start to prepare all the bbq things for my ce club..tat time is really tired...then the bbq finish around 12 midnight...when i writing tis blog i still very tired n feeling a little bit sick...hope tat my energy will recover very fast...hahaha^o^

Saturday, August 11, 2007

10 of August

Today morning till afternoon really a busy time for me...after class need to chair the meeting for the ce club..then afternoon need to go for a site visit to the sibu waterboard to do a study on the water systems...after finish i really wan to pengsan liao...hahaha..cuz on tat day the weather really hot just like burning my skin n felt very tired...huh..the most important is today is my 19 years old birthday...wahahaha....although my frens cant help me to celebrate it coz now is they exam time but i stil felt happy cuz many ppl say happy birthday to me...especially dear clara..hahaha...u is the only one sang happy birthday song to me...thanks clara..hehe..hope tat i will get a good result in my final exam will coming very soon..hehe...n can b a good president of civil engineering club...hehe...tis year i past a simple birthday but i still very happy...wish all my frens b happy always^0^